Avoid Pothole Damage this Season with These Essential Tips

Rhode Island roadways are already covered with crater-like imperfections, and it will only get worse as we head into the spring. Pothole season is so engrained into the state’s culture that it demands its own website and helpline on the RI Department of Transportation portal. While it is encouraging to see the state take initiative in fixing balloon -sized potholes plaguing Rhode Island roads, Hunter Insurance would like to share a few strategies that can help prevent damage to your car altogether.

“Potholes are not only burdensome to deal with after the fact, but they pose a significant risk to other motorists on the road,” said Brian Hunter, President of Hunter Insurance. “Many drivers end up swerving out of the way to avoid nasty potholes only to hit another vehicle, making matters even worse.”

While pothole damage can be reimbursed through a policyholder’s collision coverage, Hunter says, the cost of deductibles often forces motorists to reconsider other avenues to fix their car.

Rhode Island joins other major cities, such as Chicago and New York City, in reimbursing motorists for pothole damage that their vehicle may have incurred. However, even if motorists successfully complete the process for reimbursement through the state, it does not alleviate motorists from the stress they had to contend with to fix their car.

To help you prevent major damage from potholes and save you the headaches that would soon follow, Hunter Insurance encourages you to read the tips below to help protect your car from damage this season:

  • Avoid standing water that could be masking potholes
  • Keep your attention on the road to help avoid potholes
  • Check your surroundings before switching lanes to prevent an accident
  • Motorists should drive slowly over potholes if they cannot be avoided
  • Make sure your tire tread and tire pressure are at manufacturer specifications

Hitting a pothole is not the end of the world, but it is a reminder of the things that are truly important. “Car parts can easily be repaired or replaced. Accidents that injure your loved ones are harder to forget and these tips could help keep your family safe as we head into the state’s notorious pothole season,” Hunter said.

Hunter Insurance has helped protect families from the unexpected for 30 years. If you need advice or suggestions on how to best protect your family on the road, speak with a Hunter Insurance agent at 401-769-9500.