Failure to Use Turn Signal Major Cause of U.S. Accidents

We are all well aware of the dangers of distracted driving. But, did you know that failure to use turn signals is responsible for twice as many motor vehicle accidents? According to a study conducted by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) drivers who fail to use their turn signals accounts for over 2 million accidents annually. Comparatively, distracted driving accounts for around 950,000 accidents annually.

Many drivers do not appreciate the importance of turn signals. Using your turn signal is about more than courtesy, it is alerting other drivers to your intentions on the road. Serving as a warning sign, a turn signal alerts other motorists that you are slowing down, making a turn or changing lanes.  This allows for fellow drivers to have more time to react to sudden stops or lane changes, which can result in collisions and bodily injury.

Turn signal neglect is a problem amongst all age groups, and is particularly prevalent in young drivers. In a survey conducted by Response Insurance, 71% of drivers age 18-24 admitted to not using their turn signals regularly.

While the general public is consistently reminded of the dangers of distracted driving, the serious epidemic of turn signal negligence goes unnoticed.  To safeguard all drivers on the road, Hunter Insurance reminds you to always use your turn signals.  For additional information on protecting your family, call Hunter Insurance at 769.9500.