Understanding the Dangers of Common Car Seat Mistakes

June has arrived and warmer days are finally here. Hunter Insurance wants to make sure that you and your family are protected whether you’re visiting a local beach or traveling further for summer vacation. While packing up your car and family members, it’s imperative to remember the importance of arriving at your final destination safely. Wherever you’re going and however long the journey, Hunter Insurance wants to remind you to properly secure your children when traveling.

The best way to ensure safe travels for your little ones is to properly use their car seats. The Mayo Clinic has outlined some common car seat mistakes to keep in mind when you’re placing your children in their seats:

  • Know the History: Whether your car seat is new or gently used, make sure that you have the installation instructions; know the manufacturer date and model; can verify that it has never been in a moderate or serious crash; can see no visible damages or missing pieces and know that the seat is not more than 6 years old nor has it been recalled.
  • Locate the Safest Spot: The safest place for your car seat to be is in the backseat, away from any airbags or other harmful threats. If the car seat is located in the back seat, install it in the middle seat, if possible, as it will lessen the impact from side doors during potential crashes.
  • Proper Use: A car seat’s function is to protect a child during travel. A car seat is not to be used as a crib or any other replacement object. Studies have shown that using a car seat as a replacement crib and allowing a child to sleep in the upright posture of a car seat permanently may compress a newborn’s chest and can lead to lower levels of oxygen. Although a car seat is perfectly safe for a child during travel, it is essential to use the car seat for its proper function.
  • Buckle In Correctly: It is imperative to pay close attention to the instructions provided with the car seat when installing and buckling a child in. Before use, be sure to have read the manufacturing instructions and owner’s manual. Make sure that the seat is tightly secured in the car and that it cannot move freely around. An incorrect car seat installation or incorrect use of the buckle can cause potentially serious injury or harm if experienced in combination with an automobile accident.
  • Recline Properly: Be sure to have read and made use of the correct way to recline your child in his/her car seat. Incorrect use of inclination can cause your child’s head to flop forward or cause other injury to him/her. Many seats include angle indicators or adjusters. Also, feel free to make use of tightly rolled baby blankets to help secure your newborn baby in his/her seat and avoid slouching. However, it is important not to use any other additional products unless they come with the car seat or from the manufacturer.
  • Don’t Move Too Soon: It is important to be aware of the correct age and stage when it is appropriate to move a child to a forward-facing car seat or booster seat. Riding rear-facing is recommended until your child reaches the age of 2 or the highest weight, typically at least 35 pounds, or height required by the manufacturer. You can switch to a booster seat when your child reaches the highest weight, typically 40 to 80 pounds, or height required by the manufacturer. When switching it is also important to remember to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer in order to assure safety.

At Hunter Insurance, your safety is our top priority. For more information on how you can keep your family safe, call us today at 769.9500.

Proud to Support the Cumberland Arnold Mills Parade

Here at Hunter Insurance we are proud to once again support the efforts of the Arnold Mills July 4th Parade in Cumberland. Be sure to join us at the parade with your family to celebrate the Fourth of July. For many years the Arnold Mills Parade Association, consisting of volunteer local citizens, has worked hard to provide the best celebration of our nation’s birth to the citizens of Cumberland and surrounding towns.

For more information about the parade please visit www.arnoldmillsparade.com.

Cell Phone Collection Drive to Combat Domestic Violence

Just a reminder that our cell phone collection drive to benefit the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) continues. All collected cell phones will be refurbished and sold or recycled, with a portion of the proceeds going to benefit NCADV and its programs. A collection box is located at our office, 389 Old River Road, in Manville and the collection runs through August 31st.

“With such staggering figures, we felt compelled to do what we could to help make a difference,” said Brian Hunter, president of Hunter Insurance.

To learn more about our cell phone drive and how you can help please call us at 769.9500.

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