Insuring Your College Student

The college school year is just around the corner, which means there is a lot on your to-do list to help prepare your student for success. But besides shopping for the usual clothes, books and bedding, don’t forget to add the most important task: insuring their belongings.

College students own a long list of expensive items – computers, printers, iPods, TVs, etc.  But living in a dorm or university community allows for ample opportunities for theft or damage. According to a survey conducted by the Independent Insurance Agents of America, Inc., (IIAA) more than 100,000 property crimes on college campuses are reported to police each year, and thieves steal an average of $1,250 in student property per theft.

At Hunter Insurance, we want to inform you of two types of ways that you can use an insurance policy to protect your student for the upcoming school year:

  1. Using Your Homeowners Policy: If your child lives in a dorm or other college-owned property, their possessions are typically covered automatically against loss, theft, and damage under your homeowners policies. However, coverage is often limited to only 10 percent of the policy’s coverage for contents. Therefore, if your policy covers contents for $100,000, the limit for your student’s materials would be $10,000.
  1. Renters Insurance: If your child doesn’t live in college-owned housing, your homeowners policy won’t provide coverage. Fortunately, however, there is the option to take out a renter’s insurance policy for about $15 to $30 a month. Similar to homeowners insurance, these types of policies come in two basic forms: Actual cash-value policies cover the value of the item at the time of loss, taking depreciation into account, and replacement-value policies cover the cost of replacing the lost item with a new one. Replacement-value policies cost more, though both types are subject to the coverage limits.

Protecting what matters most to you is our biggest priority at Hunter Insurance, and we know that the safety of your children is yours. Before your child settles into their college residence, call us at 769-9500 to discuss your options.  You won’t regret knowing your child, and their belongings, are safe and secure.